Real change is a process. It has many stages. It is not a sprint, but a marathon. No matter where you are in the process of transforming your business or self toward equity and inclusion, Global Equity Forward can help!

There are four stages in facilitating and sustaining organizational or personal transformation – (1) Evaluate, (2) Educate, (3) Equip, and (4) Empower. Our services encompass all the stages of the process, with a unique focus on equipping and empowering clients to undertake transformational change. 


Identify and assess the ways organizational structure and operations, as well as interpersonal relations contribute to inequity and injustice.


Design and deploy learnings about the contexts that give rise to attitudes, behaviors and structures that perpetuate systems of injustice and inequity and produce disproportionate negative outcomes across groups.


Provide tools and strategies to not only address the problems of today, but meet and overcome the challenges of tomorrow.


Encourage and support clients in starting and remaining committed to their change plan.

Real change happens with commitment and collective action. Companies and organizations can demonstrate their resilience and relevance by reimagining how they operate. If all members of the global community can make real change, then the world will be transformed. 

Our Core Services

Why choose Global Equity Forward?

Equity Audit

A strategic assessment of operations including but not limited to leadership, HR practices, employee support, and communications. Generates a report with recommendations for next steps.

Equity Action Plan

Together we will develop a strategy, action plan, metrics, and timeline for achieving your equity and inclusion goals.

Workshops and Trainings

We will create a safe space and time to facilitate learning and for people to ask questions and have the uncomfortable conversations about unconscious bias, systemic racism, global equity in practice, employee retention, etc.) Additional topics available based on client needs.

Virtual Course Offerings

Want to offer a course on systemic racism, global pluralism to employees, students, or members of your community? We can design and deploy customized, educational courses for all levels.

Strategy Advisory Retainer

Transforming systems, organizations and sectors will not happen overnight. It will take time and commitment to incremental, sustained change over time. You will make mistakes and wrong turns. How you can turn those instances into opportunities is where my strategic advising expertise comes in handy. Get the strategic expertise that you need, when you need it.

Additional services upon request

We also offer additional advisory and development services upon request. They include but are not limited to International Program Development and Management, Grant Writing, and International Exchange.

Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Systemic Racism. Anti-Racism. These are complicated and emotionally loaded concepts that people often have strong opinions and ideas about. This makes discourse and learning about them challenging. And the possibility of any progress on addressing them, nearly impossible.  Even now, when so many are seeking to understand, learn more, and take action  to do better, there are few places and spaces that are safe enough for people to take these journeys.

At Global Equity Forward, we recognize the difficulty in bringing people together around these issues. We know it can be difficult to make the case for why equity and inclusion matters. We know there are many who do not believe there is nothing wrong with the way the world works and do not want to make any changes. We believe that the biggest obstacle to change or progress toward equity and inclusion is the lack of understanding, discussion, and time to commit to sustainable transformation.

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