Mission & vision

Mission Statement

To advance global equity in all sectors and spheres, so that every person can access opportunity and have dignity in their life and work.

Our Vision

To help clients create a more equitable and inclusive identity, both internally and externally so that we as a global community can move forward, together.

A Global Perspective on Equity and Inclusion

Ever-increasing inequity is an issue facing cultures and societies around the world. This company was founded in 2020, which was a year of challenges, both global and local. The dual crises of the coronavirus pandemic and America’s reckoning with racism has moved individuals and entities to challenge and question how the world works and acknowledge the way unjust systems produce inequity across all aspects of life. In this moment, we can reimagine how the world works and rebuild societies in more equitable ways. Research by Harvard, McKinsey and peer-reviewed studies repeatedly show that diversity in the workplace is not only better practice, but strengthens profitability, productivity, and innovation. Many companies have been inspired and pressured to act in support of diversity, equity and inclusion, particularly in the aftermath of protests against the killing of George Floyd. However, it is clear they are at a loss for what to do next or how to transform that support into action for change. That is where Global Equity Forward can help!

Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Systemic Racism. Anti-Racism. These are complicated and emotionally loaded concepts that people often have strong opinions and ideas about. Our approach is grounded in the way we understand and define the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion. While these terms are frequently used, the definitions are not universal. The meaning can vary greatly between nations and cultures. This makes discourse and learning about them challenging. And the possibility of any progress on addressing them, nearly impossible.  At Global Equity Forward, we make clear how we understand those concepts and use them as guiding principles for our work.


A pledge of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all members of the community while striving to identity and remove barriers.


Recognize and respect all the ways people differ and the implications of those lived differences at the individual and group level.


A community where each person is valued and respected for their diversity, is invited and empowered to engage and contribute, particularly in decision-making.

Our clients recognize the need to make structural changes to their business or organization in order to compete and achieve success in a more diverse and inclusive world. We advise and support leaders, organizations, and individuals through each stage of their transformational journey toward equity and inclusion. We meet you where you are and help you grow forward. At Global Equity Forward, we know it can be difficult bringing people together around these issues. We know it can be difficult to make the case for why equity and inclusion matters. Even now, when so many are seeking to understand, learn more, and take action to do better, there are few places and spaces that are safe enough for people to take these journeys. We know there are many who believe there is nothing wrong with the way the world works and do not want to make any changes. We believe that the biggest obstacle to change or progress toward equity and inclusion is the lack of understanding, discussion, and time to commit to sustainable transformation.  We want to help you do better!

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